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Friday, May 20, 2016

Minesweeper for Windows 10

Minesweeper is a deceptively simple test of memory and reasoning—and one of the most popular Windows games of all time. The goal: find the empty squares and avoid the mines. Find the empty squares while avoiding the mines. The faster you clear the board, the better your score.
Minesweeper has three standard boards to choose from, each progressively more difficult:
1. Beginner: 81 tiles, 10 mines
2. Intermediate: 256 tiles, 40 mines
3. Expert: 480 tiles, 99 mines
You can also create a custom board by clicking the Game menu, and then clicking Options. Minesweeper supports boards of up to 720 squares and 668 mines.

How to play:
The rules in Minesweeper are simple:
Uncover a mine, and the game ends.
Uncover an empty square, and you keep playing.
Uncover a number, and it tells you how many mines lay hidden in the eight surrounding squares—information you use to deduce which nearby squares are safe to click.

Hints and tips:
1. Mark the mines. If you suspect a square conceals a mine, right-click it. This puts a flag on the square. (If you're not sure, right-click again to make it a question mark.)
2. Study the patterns. If three squares in a row display 2-3-2, then you know three mines are probably lined up beside that row. If a square says 8, every surrounding square is mined.
3. Explore the unexplored. Not sure where to click next? Try clearing some unexplored territory. You're better off clicking in the middle of unmarked squares than in an area you suspect is mined.

Minesweeper is one of pre-installed games on Windows XP and Windows 7 but not on Windows 8 and Windows 10. Now you want to move Minesweeper to Windows 10 so you can play one of your favorite games on the newest Windows? Easy! To play Minesweeper XP on Windows 10, read here to know how to. To play Minesweeper Windows 7 on Windows 10, you can download it here.