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Friday, May 20, 2016

Mahjong Titans for Windows 10

Mahjong Titans is a solitaire game played with colorful tiles instead of cards. Remove all the tiles from the board. Each game begins with 144 tiles, arranged into six different layouts: Turtle, Dragon, Cat, Fortress, Crab, and Spider. There are three basic tiles: Ball, Bamboo, and Character. Each of these tiles is numbered one through nine. There are also four special tiles: Winds, Flowers, Dragons, and Seasons. Some of these tiles are marked with a letter.

How to play:
To remove a tile, it must be free. That is, it must be capable of coming off the pile without moving other tiles. If you rest your mouse over a tile and it lights up, it means that tile is free. If you attempt to remove a tile that isn't free, Windows will let you know.
In most cases, you must match tiles exactly to remove them. But there are two exceptions: You can pick any two flower or season tiles.

Hints and tips:
1. Ask for a hint. Stuck? Press the H key and Windows will light up the next matching pair. You can also right-click a single tile. If there's a match available, it will flash.
2. Use Undo. To erase a move, press Ctrl+Z. You can erase as many moves as you like, but you'll be penalized two points each time.
3. Pick up bonus points. The order in which you remove tiles from the pile can dramatically affect your score. Removing identically matched pairs in a row earns you a bonus (especially if they're the same pattern and number). You also earn extra points for clearing both pairs of flower or season tiles in a row.

Mahjong Titans is one of pre-installed games on Windows 7 but not on Windows 8 and Windows 10. Now you want to move Mahjong Titans to Windows 10 so you can play one of your favorite games on the newest Windows? Easy! To play Mahjong Titans Windows 7 on Windows 10, you can download it here.